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French Link Eggbutt from $34.99 NZD 
Zilco Rubber Bit Guards from $6.50 NZD 
Dee Bit with Copper Rollers from $39.99 NZD 
French Link Loose Ring from $29.99 NZD 
Hackamore Bit w/Wool Padding from $39.99 NZD 
Leather Pelham Roundings Brown
from $9.99 NZD
Zilco FM Fulmer
from $52.90 NZD
Zilco Port Mouth Kimblewick
from $64.90 NZD
Zilco Argosy Chain Nickel Plate
from $11.90 NZD

Zilco SS Curb Chain
from $15.90 NZD
Zilco BR Snaffle Single Roller
from $61.90 NZD
Zilco French Link Baucher Bit
from $54.90 NZD
Shires Brass Training Bit 21mm
from $25.38 NZD

Shires Horseshoe Stallion Bit
from $23.32 NZD
Ultra Bit Cleaner & Freshener
from $44.99 NZD
Zilco Anti Rearing Strap Leather
from $30.90 NZD
Zilco Jointed Mouth Kimblewick 4.5inches
from $69.90 NZD

Bevel French Link Bit
from $29.99 NZD
Bevel Jointed Mouth Bit
from $29.99 NZD
Shires Blenheim Curb Chain Guard
from $7.99 NZD
Zilco 'S' Hackamore Bit
from $53.95 NZD

Liverpool Bit Mullen Mouth Mini
from $28.11 NZD
Western TT Copper Mouth Mini
from $39.99 NZD
Full Cheek Mini
from $39.99 NZD
Zilco Nylon Gag Strap
from $32.90 NZD

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