• Rapide Leather Dressing 500ml
Our maintenance product Rapide's Leather-dressing is developed especially to clean and feed leather. A perfect product for tack such as bridles and leather boots and also for other kinds of leather products like bags, belts, shoes, furniture, etc. Leather-dressing should not be used on suede. Regular maintenance will keep the leather supple, water-resistant and will extend the leathers life. It will protect the leather against rotting and therefore prevent breakage. It will also repel dirt on leather. Is an emulsion of high quality raw materials including lanolin, carnauba wax (vegetable). Instructions for use: Shake before use. Apply the Leather-dressing with a clean cloth or sponge, rub in well and let it soak in for a while. Afterwards polish well with a clean and dry cloth until the original shine has returned. Regular use will keep the leather beautiful, clean and supple. It will feed the pores of the leather.

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Rapide Leather Dressing 500ml

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